Realine Clear Teeth Alignment System for Straighter Teeth

When it comes to your smile, sometimes the difference between “okay” and “perfect” can be a couple overcrowded teeth or a gap that is a little too big. Perhaps you already wore braces as a teenager, only to find your teeth have shifted and crowded years later. Maybe you want to diminish space between your front teeth, or straighten teeth that have gradually become unaligned. However small they are, these imperfections can be a big deal when you’re the one seeing them every day in the mirror.

For patients who want to fix these minor cosmetic issues without traditional orthodontic braces, Dental Expressions offers Realine.

Realine Tooth StraighteningRealine is a clear dental appliance that fits right over your teeth, gradually shifting your bite to fix slight crowding and spacing issues. It’s a five-step teeth alignment system that is simple to use, painless, and cost-effective. The Realine system is particularly effective for fixing teeth that have relapsed after previous orthodontic work. By using five different custom-made teeth aligners throughout the course of treatment, the teeth are steadily coaxed into realignment without painful adjustments or tightening.

Painless and Inconspicuous Teeth Straightening Treatment

You may remember the experience of wearing braces as high-maintenance. Certain foods were off limits, cleaning your teeth took twice as long, and monthly adjustments could leave you with a headache. In addition, everyone could see your dental treatment front and center. With comfortable Realine clear teeth aligners, treatment is nearly invisible, and you simply pop the aligner in and out when brushing and flossing.

Quick Results for Straighter Teeth

At your first appointment, we will take a series of oral photographs, scans, and impressions, then use these to create a 3-D view of your mouth using special computer software. You will be able to review the treatment sequence—and a depiction of the final result—right at the office.

The images and impressions are then sent to the Realine manufacturer, where your five custom-made aligners will be produced. Once our office receives your teeth aligners, you will begin treatment. Every two to three weeks you will return to our office to check your progress and receive your next aligner. If aligners are worn as prescribed, the entire treatment can be completed in as few as 10 to 12 weeks.

Affordable Alternative to Traditional Braces

Traditional metal braces and other clear orthodontics can cost several thousand dollars and require many dental appointments over the course of several years. These solutions may be necessary and appropriate for patients with more serious alignment issues. For minor issues, Realine can cost half as much as these other appliances and procedures.

As a dentist, it is my pleasure to provide simple, painless, and effective solutions for patients who are looking to improve their smile. Realine is one of those products I am proud to offer. Not only does it correct minor crowding and spacing issues without braces, but it is easy to use and provides quick and noticeable results.

Contact us today to determine if you are a candidate for this innovative treatment.