Laser Frenectomy Procedure

Dr. Darren Boles, Board Certified General Dentist, is pleased to announce that Dental Expressions has recently become the Lakes Regions exclusive Laser Dentistry practice to perform frenectomies.  This treatment offers a new and less invasive procedure to correct the common tongue tie / lip tie condition that affects many children including newborns who have difficulty breast-feeding due to this condition at birth. Using a highly focused beam of light, Dr. Boles is able to remove the extra muscle tissue beneath the tongue or under the upper or lower lip that prevent proper movement and function in the mouth. This procedure is quick and causes little to no discomfort, putting both children and parents at ease.  Now there is no need to take your child to the operating room.

What is a Frenectomy?

A frenectomy is a simple procedure that eliminates this tissue connection. Most dentists clip the muscle with scissors or a scalpel and then stitch the area closed. While this method can be effective, the wound is painful and difficult to keep clean, increasing the risk of infection for the child. By using laser dentistry, Dr. Boles virtually eliminates this issue, as well as the trauma of oral surgery. The laser vaporizes the extra tissue, causing very little bleeding with bio-regenerating oral tissue for speedy recovery. The procedure requires only a numbing agent, eliminating the necessity for shots.

Dr. Boles completed training in frenectomies at Tufts Dental School AND had the privilege of observing Pediatric Dentist Dr. Lawrence Kotlow in Albany, NY. Dr.Kotlow is well known for his concern and understanding of mother’s who wish to breastfeed. He is an internationally known expert on the diagnosis and treatment of ankyloglossia also known as tongue-tied. Dr. Kotlow has written several articles regarding Pediatric Dental Care. Select the link to view the various articles.