Look Younger & More Vibrant!

Most people would like to be able to wipe off 5 or even 10 years–did you ever think about the fact that with the help of dentistry interventions you can actually look younger and more vibrant? Your smile is the first thing people notice. Instead of relying solely on overpriced anti-aging creams, why not perfect your smile? You may be pleasantly surprised with the difference it can make. Yellow teeth? Schedule a whitening treatment. Crooked teeth? We offer braces and Invisalign. Orthodontics can correct quickly and safely any crooked or misaligned teeth and with a teeth whitening treatment, you have just gone through a smile makeover! But what about…wrinkles? Dr. Dori Lang Columbus has extensive training in the Botox procedure. It might come as a surprise to you, but dentists can offer Botox. Since a dentist has a deep understanding the anatomy of the head, face, and neck, as well as the underlying muscles, it makes sense that a dentist would be as qualified to safely administer these treatments as anyone else. Dr. Dori offers other cosmetic procedures and restorations as well, including dental implants, veneers/bonding, metal-free crowns, tooth colored fillings, dentures & partials, root canals, and extractions.

Call the office today to discuss which treatments can help you look as good as you feel!