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Doctor Boles is everything you’d want for a dentist to be, with emphasis on caring for the patient. Yes, most dentists are caring, but Dr. Boles rises to the top in sincerity.

I wanted to get rid of calcium patches on my front teeth. He said his office could smooth them to be solid white. I had two concerns: one was that they are my front teeth, and the other was the expense. He put me at ease and fixed everything so that today I have beautiful front teeth and I’m proud to say, “Dr. Darren Boles gave me a perfect smile!”

He always smiles and says “Hi Val, How’s it going?” when he sees me. He truly does care and his dentistry is exceptional – very professional and meticulous. He surrounds himself with a staff that are both happy and concerned. I am in very good hands with all at his office and I highly recommend Dr. Darren Boles to everyone with a smile!”

Valerie Kimbell

Dr. Boles removed the fear of dentists that I have had since childhood, I am very pleased.”

Dennis Franciosi

I never have to worry when I go to the dentist here! This guy (Dr. Boles) knows what he is doing.”

John Hammond (Age 14)

I just want to express my gratitude and admiration for Dr. Boles’ professionalism, care, and know how, his expert and precise workmanship, and his prompt and accurate assessment for the job to be done. I am thrilled with my partial. It feels, works, and looks like my own and gives me confidence to be in public again.”

Dieter N. Foerst

Dr. Boles and the rest of his staff are friendly, honest, and make you feel at home.”

Lisa Cornish

When I first came to Dr. Boles, I was full of fear and embarrassment about the condition of my teeth. For years I had been covering my mouth to laugh. I rarely smiled, and avoided social and even professional interaction, but my exaggerated anxieties about dental work kept me from doing anything about it.

From the very start, Dr. Boles and his staff welcomed me and treated me with dignity and respect, never judging me and always encouraging. As work on my teeth continued, each visit became a little easier because they showed me I had nothing to fear. Their positive and supporting attitude changed my attitude. Today a dentist appointment doesn’t mean anxiety and shame, it means I get to visit with the people who changed my life. Patience and respect from each staff member truly brought me to today’s confident, beautiful smile, which now enables me to have confidence and self-respect i had never known.

Thank you Dr. Boles and the Dental Expressions staff for your excellent care that literally changed my life.”

Lura Seavey

Love the offices, the staff and I always feel that with Dr. Boles as my dentist, my teeth will be beautiful forever.”

Nora Foster